Are you planning the girls’ night of the century? Maybe you have friends in town and you want to ride in style to the latest concert. From bachelor or bachelorette parties to casino nights to just because, we can give you three reasons why to choose a party bus from Limousine Service of Portland, OR.

Party Bus Rental

1. The party doesn’t stop.

When you travel to your destination (or just hop from place to place around town), you don’t have to push pause en route. Instead, you can keep the party going in a party bus rental. Our rentals have everything you need—sound equipment, strobe lights, and more—to keep that party underway.

2. Everyone gets to join in.

You want to stay safe when your crew goes out on the town, so you’re responsible and choose someone to be the driver. However, when you’re on a party bus, we do the driving for you. While we still want to get you home safe and in one piece, it does allow everyone in your group to just enjoy the night without having to worry about navigating Portland on their own.

3. You’ll never forget that night.

It’s not every night that you hop into a bus that fits up to 22 of your closest friends and chauffeurs you around Portland, OR. From the laser lights to the onboard TV and stereo system, you’ll never forget that night out with your friends—you may even want to do it again!

Our party bus rentals make a great way to celebrate or to just enjoy a night out on the town. In addition to our party bus rentals, we also have limo service as well as wine tours for you to consider. To find out more about any of Limousine Service’s rentals or to make a reservation, contact us today at (503) 233-5466, or book online at your convenience.