A party bus is one of the most fun ways to celebrate life’s biggest moments. Whether its prom, a bachelor/bachelorette party, or a family reunion, a party bus can be as decadent or modest as you want it to be. But truthfully, you don’t even need a big reason to rent a party bus; you and your friends can create a customized nightlife alternative and you might even pay less than your typical night out. Our team at Limousine Service has put together a guide to help you get the most party into your bus.

Party Bus

Party Bus Themes

We have found that a clever party theme can instantly grab the attention of your guests and result in an unforgettable time. Remember to keep it simple as space will be limited and the time it takes to decorate will come out of your booked time. We recommend balloons, streamers, and banners because they are all easy to put up and take down without causing any harm to the bus. Also, consider bringing your own props such as masks, wigs, hats, and custom t-shirts to unify your guests.

Party Bus Food and Drinks

A party on a bus is really more like a cocktail party than a dinner party, so keep that in mind when planning your menu. Think light snacks that are easy and not too messy. As for drinks, margaritas work well, as do easy-to-mix classics like rum and coke. Bring a variety of options, and avoid red wine in case of sudden stops.

Party Bus Routes

Keep in mind that even if you’re planning on the majority of the night to be spent on the bus, you’re still going to need to make frequent stops for bathroom breaks. Some choose to hit a variety of bars for bonus drinks, or others choose local landmarks for fun photo ops. Just remember that if you’re drinking heavily, you’ll need to stop more often, so plan your route accordingly.

Party Bus Rentals

Are you ready to book your party bus in Portland? Contact Limousine Service at (503) 233-5466 to talk through our party bus availability and to make a reservation. We’ll talk in detail about your vision for your night out and start planning right away. We’ll make sure your trip is everything you need for a great time with friends or family.