Do you have some big holiday parties coming up? Sometimes these seasonal corporate celebrations are the one time of the year people get to dress up and feel like they’re red-carpet ready. Why not make the most of it by adding a limo rental to the night’s events?


Just imagine you and your spouse, or perhaps you and several friends from work, donned in your best formal attire. Your hair is done, and you picked out a brand new outfit for the event. The last thing you want to do is pile into your minivan or Honda Civic. Formal events call for formal transportation—a step out of the ordinary.

How much more memorable will the night be if instead you book a limo rental from Limousine Service of Portland? A chauffeur will arrive at your door with a fully loaded limousine. You won’t have to open a door, let alone worry about navigation for the evening.

You can choose from a traditional stretch limo, a stretch Hummer rental, or even a party bus rental—depending on your personal style, preferences, and group size. But don’t wait until the last minute! The holidays will approach quickly, and our limo rental availability will be a bit more limited.

When you’re ready to make a limousine rental reservation, just contact Limousine Service of Portland at (503) 233-5466 or by filling out an online reservation request. Let us help you turn a holiday party into the event of the year!

photo credit: PC200819-EM5-Schneider Xenon 50mm F0.95 via photopin (license)